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TMJ Treatment – Plano, TX

Effective & Long-Lasting Jaw Pain Relief

Jaw pain, sore facial muscles, and related symptoms can put a damper on your daily life and make it difficult for you to enjoy your favorite foods. What can you do to find effective and long-lasting jaw pain relief? Visit our Plano orthodontic team for a consultation. We offer TMJ treatment services that have the potential to ease your symptoms and help you get back to enjoying a comfortable and functional smile.

Why Choose Willow Bend Orthodontics of Plano for TMJ Treatment?

  • Highly Trained Orthodontic Experts
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What Is TMJ Disorder?

TMJ highlighted on illustration of human anatomy

TMJ disorder may also be referred to as TMJ dysfunction or TMD. Some people even call it “TMJ,” but that is a misnomer because your TMJ is actually the joint that connects your lower jaw to the rest of your skull. Everyone has a TMJ, but not everyone has TMD. TMD occurs when the TMJ becomes stressed, overworked, or injured. Often, this can occur as the result of accidents, a misaligned bite, teeth grinding, or a range of other causes. In some cases, the cause of TMD remains unknown.

Symptoms of TMJ Disorder

Frowning woman touching her jaw

TMD can cause many different symptoms. Here are some of the most common:

  • Pain and tenderness in the jaw and surrounding facial muscles
  • Limited jaw mobility, or the inability to move the jaw at all
  • Clicking and popping when you open and close your mouth
  • Frequent headaches or migraines
  • Difficulty eating tough and chewy foods
  • Pain behind your eyes
  • Noticeable changes in your bite
  • Ringing in your ears (tinnitus)

Types of TMJ Treatment

Woman with jaw pain speaking to dental team member

When you visit us for your consultation, we will carefully examine your teeth and bite as we strive to determine the cause of your symptoms. Some patients require braces or clear aligners in order to fix the underlying cause of their TMD. In other cases, though, we recommend a custom-made stabilization splint. When combined with home remedies, such as jaw massages and stretches, it has the potential to provide long-term pain relief.

Custom-Made Stabilization Splint

A custom-made stabilization splint is a small device that resembles a mouthguard. It can prevent teeth grinding throughout the night and gently reposition your jaw with the goal of helping your TMJ and the surrounding muscles to relax. With consistent use, a splint may allow you to experience a fast and significant reduction in your symptoms.