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Orthodontic Emergencies — Plano, TX

Immediate Care When an Orthodontic Crisis Occurs

If you’ve become accustomed to wearing your traditional braces or clear aligners, you’re likely doing everything you can to avoid a potential problem. But even if you are careful when eating, cleaning, or engaging in physical activity, accidents can happen, resulting in orthodontic emergencies. At Willow Bend Orthodontics of Plano, our team is here to deliver timely care when you need it most. Whether you are dealing with a loose braces bracket, broken aligners, oral sores, or even stuck debris, we can provide helpful tips and immediate care to get you back on your feet and well on your way to a healthier smile.  Contact us today  to find out what we can do to help you in your time of need.

Why Choose Willow Bend Orthodontics of Plano for Emergency Orthodontic Care?

  • Dr. Jones is a board-certified orthodontist with years of experience
  • Quick & timely treatment, often with same-day emergency appointments
  • Improved comfort and patient safety

What to Do in an Orthodontic Emergency

Girl seeing orthodontist in Plano for emergency

If something goes wrong with your braces or clear aligners, it can be easy to panic. But we encourage you to keep a cool head! You can feel a little more relaxed in these stressful situations knowing that you have an experienced Plano emergency orthodontist in your corner. Should you or a loved one encounter an orthodontic emergency, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Call us right away. As soon as you can, give us a call. Our experienced team will make room in our schedule to see you for a same-day emergency appointment and walk you through what to do until you can reach our office.
  • Step 2: See Dr. Jones for an exam. When you arrive, Dr. Jones will see you right away. She’ll evaluate your situation and provide any necessary pain relief. Then, she’ll review her findings with you and explain what she recommends moving forward with.
  • Step 3: Get the orthodontic care you need. Once you’ve agreed to a treatment plan, we’ll get to work. Many orthodontic emergencies can be delt with right away, such as most broken wires or loose brackets. In rarer cases, we’ll need to see you for a follow-up appointment or refer you to your general dentist for a specific dental treatment. Whatever situation you face, we’ll do everything we can to help you regain a happy, healthy smile.

The Most Common Orthodontic Emergencies

Whether you wear braces or not, seeking the help of a dental professional when a mouth-related injury occurs is essential. During orthodontic treatment, a sudden accident can result in potential delays and more serious harm to your oral cavity. Because braces require an investment in time and money, forgoing necessary care for an orthodontic emergency will only cause more issues over time. Even if the problem is minor, it’s best to let Dr. Jones or Dr. Hanson review the situation and make the appropriate call when it comes to treatment.

Understanding the Cost of Orthodontic Emergencies

someone using calculator and roms on a desk with a large model tooth and a laptop

It’s natural to have questions about how much you’ll spend for an orthodontic emergency. There’s no one answer because the total amount due will depend on your condition and the treatments required. When you arrive for your appointment, we can provide a detailed estimate based on your unique situation. We’ll ensure that you’re well informed about the pricing before beginning and suggested treatments so that you won’t be taken by surprise. We believe that your budget shouldn’t keep you from getting the essential care that you need and will work with you to make everything as affordable as possible.

Continue reading below to understand more about what influences the final cost, and feel free to contact us with any additional questions or to schedule an appointment.

Every Orthodontic Emergency is Different

woman with braces pressing her hand to her face in pain

We would love to be able to give you an accurate idea of the pricing involved before you arrive, but the truth is that there’s no way we can know what’s involved until we have a chance to examine you. Some urgent situations require simple, inexpensive solutions like providing wax to cover abrasive brackets that have rubbed your mouth raw. However, other more severe situations will inevitably require more complex and involved procedures that increase the amount owed. We’ll always walk you through the various options and their costs before we proceed so you are well informed.

Does Dental Insurance Cover Orthodontic Emergencies?

Glasses on a page of “Insurance Coverage Info” paragraph 1

Most insurance providers do include some form of coverage for orthodontic emergencies. Plus, we’re an in-network provider and accept many different policies which saves patients 20% on average. However, each plan is different so it’s important to understand what’s included in yours. In most cases, you’ll have a deductible that needs to be met before services kick in. Also, there may be restrictions on what’s covered. For example, if you’ve lost or damaged a retainer, you may be responsible for replacing it yourself.

If you’re concerned that your policy won’t cover the necessary services, please let us know and our friendly staff would be happy to go over your insurance with you to help you maximize your benefits.

Other Options for Making Orthodontic Emergencies Affordable

orhtodontist handing woman a pen to fill our financial forms on a clipboard

We believe that your oral health deserves to be prioritized and we don’t want cost to come between you and getting the treatments you need. If you don’t have dental insurance, don’t worry! We offer flexible financing plans in-house that allow you to make payments in affordable monthly installments. Our team understands that everyone’s financial situation is unique and will work with you to create a plan that won’t break the bank.

Taking Care of Your Smile Can Save You Money

orhtodontist examining the mouth of a woman with braces

While some orthodontic emergencies are unavoidable and beyond your control, others can be prevented. Keeping up with routine appointments allows us to address any areas of concern to prevent potential problems later. Also, following any instructions provided to care for your orthodontics helps ensure that everything remains in good condition so it’s less likely to have any issues. For instance, you should continue to brush and floss your teeth as well as clean any dental equipment consistently to prevent plaque buildup that causes cavities and gum disease. Also, avoiding overly hard or sugary foods that cause damage can avoid problems like broken wires, brackets, aligners, etc. Feel free to contact us for additional information about proper maintenance if you have any questions.

How to Prevent Orthodontic Emergencies

A young female allowing the orthodontist to look inside her mouth to ensure everything looks fine and her braces are intact

Since orthodontic emergencies are somewhat rare, there’s a chance that you’ll make it through your entire teeth-straightening journey without experiencing one. The best way to ensure that happens is by adopting healthy habits, like maintaining a good oral hygiene regimen at home. Keep reading to learn more of the most effective ways to avoid orthodontic emergencies!

Visit Your Dentist and Orthodontist Regularly

Throughout your teeth-straightening journey, you’ll come to our office for routine visits. At this time, we will adjust your braces and check each bracket and wire. Of course, it’s equally as important that you visit your dentist every six months for a checkup and cleaning. That way, they can detect problems like tooth decay in the early stages while also helping to prevent others from developing!

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene At Home

Your morning and nighttime oral hygiene regimen is crucial for numerous reasons, including that they help prevent cavities and gum disease. We recommend using a proxy brush to clean around your brackets and underneath your wire since these specialized toothbrushes can prevent food particles and bacteria from adhering to the small crevices of your appliances and teeth. You should also floss between your teeth after eating, as food can easily become stuck, causing an increased risk for tooth decay as well as potential discomfort.

Bonus tip: Clean your retainer with a soft-bristled toothbrush and water to remove bacteria and food particles. It can also be helpful to soak your retainer in a denture cleaner!

Stick to a Nutritious Diet

Stay away from hard, crunchy, or sticky foods, as these can damage your brackets, wires, and teeth. A few examples include tortilla chips, thin pizza crust, raw nuts, and popcorn. Whether it is causing a metal appliance to pop out of place or chipping a tooth, it’s best to avoid these at all costs. Instead, fill your plate with smile-friendly foods, like oatmeal and plain yogurt.

Wear a Mouthguard

Wearing a mouthguard while playing any type of sport or engaging in physical activity is vital. Otherwise, you would wind up with a loose bracket, broken wire, or even a knocked-out tooth! So, make sure you are wearing one, even if you participate in a non-contact sport, like skateboarding or surfing.

Important note: You should also wear one if you are prone to teeth grinding or clenching (bruxism).

Use Tools to Open Packages, Not Your Teeth

Remember, your teeth should not be used to remove a bottle cap, tear into plastic wrapping, hold your keys, or bite your nails. These are just a few of the many ways that you can damage your teeth and your braces, warranting an immediate visit to our Plano orthodontic office.

Orthodontic Emergency FAQs

A young girl with long, red hair, smiling and showing off her metal fixtures after having a loose braces bracket in Plano fixed

At Willow Bend Orthodontics of Plano, Dr. Jones, Dr. Hanson and her team understand you probably have many questions about the potential for injuries to occur while wearing braces. Fortunately, we are here to ensure you have all the information you need to feel more confident should you experience an unexpected accident during your orthodontic treatment. Below is a list of common questions asked by our patients. If you do not see yours listed and would like to schedule an appointment with our orthodontist,  contact us today !

When should an orthodontic emergency warrant a visit to the ER?

It should come as a welcomed relief that most orthodontic emergencies can be treated in-house. Dr. Jones and Dr. Hanson are fully aware and equipped to provide immediate assistance should an injury occur. However, certain cases may require you to first visit your local emergency room. Continuous bleeding from the mouth, increased swelling, and a fractured jaw are all reasons to bypass our office and get to an ER first. Once your symptoms are addressed, you can then come to see us for additional treatment.

What should I do if an emergency occurs while I’m out of town?

You may feel panicked should an accident occur while on vacation or while away on business but knowing what to do will help you feel more confident and comfortable. Should you be out of town and an orthodontic emergency occur, you’ll need to find a local orthodontist who can administer immediate help. You’ll also want to call our office and tell us about your situation. Based on the information received, we can determine if you should see us when you return from your trip.

Will insurance cover the cost of an orthodontic emergency?

Every dental insurance plan is different, so you’ll need to review your policy to determine if you will be expected to pay out of pocket for this type of visit. If you have a broken or lost retainer or appliance, there’s a good chance you will receive a bill for this particular instance. If you have an insurance plan that offers orthodontic coverage, you’ll need to be mindful of your annual maximum, as it is unlikely your insurer will pay for anything over the allotted amount provided. Fortunately, our dental team at Willow Bend Orthodontics of Plano can work on your behalf to help you get the answers you need to make the right decision for your smile. While you should never put off emergency care out of fear you cannot afford it, you can trust that we will work with you to identify ways to keep your treatment affordable.