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Advanced Orthodontic Services & Technology – Plano, TX

Using The Latest & Greatest
To Improve Your Smile

At Willow Bend Orthodontics, you’ll be in highly capable hands with our team. Dr. Jones has over 16 years of experience in providing advanced orthodontic care. She also uses the latest technology available to provide high-quality, precise, and effective treatments to everyone that walks through our doors. Among some of our advanced orthodontic services and technology in our Plano, TX orthodontic office are our digital impression system that eliminates the need for putty, and our own 3D printer that allows us to make customized oral appliances like retainers! These instruments allow us to make you or your child’s visit more comfortable and convenient.

Why Choose Willow Bend Orthodontics
for Advanced Orthodontic Services & Technology?

  • iTero Impressions:
    No More Messy Dental Putty!
  • 3D Printed
  • Digital X-Rays: Better Images, Less Radiation

3D Scanner

3 D scanner images of teeth and gums

In the past, creating a dental impression meant having to place uncomfortable putty in the patient’s mouth. Thankfully, we utilize an advanced 3D scanner that captures an ultra-accurate replication of your teeth and bite instead, which is much quicker and more comfortable. As we move the device around the mouth, thousands of detailed frames are captured per second and pieced together to create a 3D model. These models are a vital part of the orthodontic process, allowing us to plan for aligners, retainers, and/or bracket placement with plenty of confidence.

3D Printer

3 D printer used for orthodontic treatment

One of the most unique features of Willow Bend Orthodontics is that we have an in-house 3D printer! This technology allows us to create customized braces through the use of indirect bonding trays, which allow for the extremely precise placement of brackets. We can also print retainers following the completion of you or your loved one’s orthodontic journey. Plus, if we need to make any adjustments to ensure your appliance fits just right, they can be done in-office – no weeks of waiting required.

Digital X-Rays

Orthodontist looking at digital x-rays on tablet computer

Throughout your orthodontic treatment, as your teeth shift into alignment, your roots located below your gumline will too. Our digital X-ray system allows us to clearly see this area to make sure there are no complications or issues that are hidden to the naked eye. Not only are digital X-rays significantly faster and more convenient, but the process also emits 90 percent less radiation, making them safer as well!