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5 Must-Have Tools for Those with Braces

October 11, 2023

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Dental patient wearing metal braces

Even with the decision to go for traditional braces, you might assume your oral care routine will remain unchanged. However, the reality is that metal braces demand additional care beyond standard dental hygiene practices. To ensure the health and comfort of your mouth during the alignment process, it’s crucial to have specialized dental tools. If you’re contemplating traditional metal braces for teeth straightening, read on to discover five essential dental tools that will not only elevate your oral hygiene regimen but also enhance the overall comfort and success of your braces experience.

A Floss Threader

Whether you have braces or not, incorporating daily flossing into your oral care routine is essential. Relying solely on brushing may leave some areas of your teeth inadequately cleaned, increasing the risk of future oral issues.

When dealing with braces, using floss threaders is highly recommended. These small loops of material facilitate the process of “threading” floss through the narrow spaces between your teeth and wires. Alternatively, you can opt for “pre-threaded” floss. It’s conveniently cut to the right length, compact, and available in single-use packets.

An Interproximal Brush

Certainly, a conventional toothbrush can still manage to clean your teeth with braces, but the effectiveness can be significantly enhanced with an interproximal brush. In contrast to a regular toothbrush, the interproximal brush is designed with bristles that can navigate around your brackets and between the archwire.

This specialized brush ensures the removal of any bothersome food particles that might otherwise get trapped. Additionally, the interproximal brush is effective in eliminating plaque, making it a valuable tool to incorporate into your oral care routine, especially after completing your treatment.

Travel-Sized Toothpaste

To ensure the effectiveness of your braces, maintaining a cavity-free environment around your teeth is crucial. This necessitates regular toothbrushing following meals. Having travel-sized toothpaste on hand can be incredibly useful for these post-meal brushing sessions, enabling you to effectively clean your pearly whites no matter where the day takes you.

Orthodontic Wax

Unless you develop calluses, your braces may cause irritation to your gums and other soft mouth tissues. To prevent this discomfort, orthodontic wax can be applied. A small amount on a protruding bracket or wire will help smooth their sharp edges, minimizing the potential for damage.

A Pocket Mirror

Metal braces have the drawback of easily trapping food, providing more hiding spots for plaque and bacteria. It’s advisable to keep a pocket mirror for a thorough post-brush check of your mouth. In case you don’t have a mirror, using your smartphone’s selfie camera can be an alternative.

Preventing dental issues is challenging, especially with metal braces. Ensure a smooth experience by incorporating the recommended items into your oral care routine!

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